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ThomasXRosie Chapter 5 Final :iconwhodude99456:Whodude99456 9 6
The dress
"Now let's see: things in place..check, Everyone playing fine..check, all the food's in place..check, double check my check list..check." Russell said. "Hey Rusty." Vinnie said. "Can you please stop calling me that?" "Oh come dude lighten up for awhile." "Well...ok, but just for now. Hey uh where's penny ling?" "Oh she went to Blythe's room to try on clothes." "Ok that's good." "Why'd you wanna know?" "Because she's the only one not here right now." "Oh right hehe."
Five minutes later, Penny ling came back wearing a very beautiful/hot dress.
"Hi everyone, I'm back and look at this dress Blythe made for me isn't it cool?" Penny asked. "It looks wonderful penny ling." Zoe answered. Everyone else agreed except Russell. "Well Russell what do you think?" He wasn't paying attention when penny came in because he was checking his checklist.   "Hey Penny, how was your........." He dropped his clipboard and caught dead at penny's outfit, his eyes enlarged, his cheeks were blushing, his mout
:iconsapphette:Sapphette 3 14
Feelings I've never had before
A/N: Just another one-shot I've thought of doing for you guys.
"You know you like her." Vinnie said.
"No I don't Vinnie." Russell said.
"Yes you do, I see the way you look at her." Sunil said.
"Like how?" Russell said. "Like this" Sunil put on a sighing face face with a drooling mouth. "I don't do that." Russell said. "Yes you do, I saw you do it yesterday." Sunil said. "And I saw it too." Vinnie said. "I DON'T LIKE MINKA!" Russell shouted. "Yes you do" Sunil and Vinnie said in unison."Okay, what will prove to you that I don't like her?" Russell asked. "If you can go a whole day without looking at her, or even thinking about her, then that'll prove that you don't like her." Vinnie said. "Fine, I will." Russell said. "Then it's a deal." Sunil and Vinnie said in unison. "We gotta stop talking in unison." They both said.
(Theme song)
You think about all the things
That you love to do.
It all comes tru-u-ue!
You find a place you never knew
Where you're happy to
Just be you!
We can be (yeah
:iconsapphette:Sapphette 5 2
LPS One-Shot #2 - Russell Up Some Courage
"Oh... How should I go along with this? Should I even do this at all? What if he doesn't share the same feelings with me? I'd just end up embarrassing myself, and we're not exactly alone here! What do I do?"
Penny Ling paced back and forth across the warm pale sand that sunk her paws in every time she took a step. However, her paws didn't sink nearly as much as her heart did, just by the thought of possible rejection and humiliation.
A cry of joy filled her small ears and she looked up to find the source of the noise. She watched as all her pet friends played in the beach water together. Blythe had asked everyone's owners, as well as Mrs. Twombly, if she could bring the pets along on her trip to the beach for the day with her father and friends. Even Buttercream and Sugar Sprinkles managed to tag along. Right now, Blythe and her friends were off getting ice cream for everyone.
Everyone was doing something out in the water. Minka was playfully pushing around Zoe as she lay in a small ra
:iconyoshachu:Yoshachu 6 5
Pennussell: Sweet or Spicy? Epilogue
"Out of the way!" Russell panicked, quickly pushing his way past Vinnie and Sunil, sending them both into a spinning vortex, and running towards the pet bathing area.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Vinnie shouted, catching up to the panicked pet and grabbing his arm, making him fly off his feet and land on his back. "What the heck's the rush?"
"You trying to outrun Sonic or something...?" Sunil moaned as he stumbled around dizzily.
"Let me go, Vinnie! I don't have time for this!" Russell shouted impatiently, trying to yank his arm out of the gecko's grip.
"Tell us what's going on first," Vinnie replied sternly.
"What's the rush, man?!"
"Penny Ling's having my baby, all right?!"
Vinnie and Sunil gasped loudly in unison. It's been about ten months since Russell and his mate, Penny Ling, had intercourse, and nine since any of the two told their friends about it. They had known Russell got Penny Ling pregnant, and excitement and ecstasy has been bursting throughout the pet sho
:iconyoshachu:Yoshachu 9 42
LPS Two-Shot fic: Simple Dares: Sunil's Dare
Title: Simple Dares
Rated: K
Cartoon: Littlest Pet Shop
Pairing(s): Sunil/Pepper
Genre: Romance/Friendship
Summary: Two-shot! Despite doing humiliating dares, it was worth it in the end. Sunil/Pepper
Disclaimer: I don't own Littlest Pet Shop, Hasbro does.
Sunil's Dare

Sunil gulped as he slowly walks towards the girls.
He was not good at this. Out of all pets, he was the most panicking of the group. He would be the first to voiced his concerns, his anxieties in front of the group, the first to say the worst possible outcome was going to happen if they did this or that. Sure, he didn't go to extremes like destroying birthday cakes or taped anything that look pointy like Russell (how was that even dangerous, anyway?) but he would almost-maybe even always- get nervous in some big feats like breaking into the Largest Ever Pet Shop or worried that he send Blythe to a wrong place due to his so called psychic abilities. Being a nervous shy being
:iconmiss-storyholic:Miss-Storyholic 17 2
commission 4 sonicthecaptain by hikariangelove commission 4 sonicthecaptain :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 114 21 commission5 4 sonicthecaptain by hikariangelove commission5 4 sonicthecaptain :iconhikariangelove:hikariangelove 84 10
TAF - NWRA Season 2 Episode 16
Thomas & Friends – North Western Railway Adventures
Episode 33: Two Tank Engines, One Heart
Written by Cameron Stevens
Based on the Railway Series by the Reverend W. Awdry and the Television Series by Britt Allcroft
Fiona the Scottish tank engine has enjoyed her life on the North Western Railway. She worked on Thomas’s Branchline over the past most months attending passenger services with her coaches Bob and Frederick.
But ever since she arrived at the railway, she had always grew fond of Thomas by having a major crush on the engine of her dreams. She had heard about his fame ever since the Reverend made a book about him and had longed to confess her true feelings to the famous blue tank engine himself.
But every time she tried, she was too scared to confess her love to Thomas. But with Emily, Twilight Sparkle and Banana Fluff the pony working with her, they understood how she felt whenever she is around the blue tank engine.
She could only hope to confess her true feelings
:iconguardiansoulmlp:GuardianSoulMLP 13 29
Mature content
ThomasXRosie Chapter 4 :iconwhodude99456:Whodude99456 8 1
Mature content
ThomasXRosie Chapter 3 :iconwhodude99456:Whodude99456 9 1
ThomasXRosie Chapter 2
Next day, Rosie walked into school and kept her eyes peeled for Thomas.
Since the night he rescued her from a disgusting fate, she felt she owe him her life
She noticed Emily and Molly at the fountain and ran across to meet them
“Hi” she said cheerfully
“Hey” Molly and Emily Said glumly in unison
“What’s up?”
“Our boyfriends suck!” said Emily
“Murdoch was afraid of the disco!” pouted Molly
“Spencer doesn’t think fast food is his forte” sighed Emily
“Come on girls” Rosie said cheerfully “There are plenty of fish in the sea”
“Like who?” said Emily who was filing her fingernails with boredom
“James?” suggested Rosie
“Tried him once, tried to get me to smoke” said Molly (Ed: Hence his stoned face in the TV Series)
“A bit young for my tastes” replied Emily
*After Rosie has gone through every male person in the school*
“I give up!” sna
:iconwhodude99456:Whodude99456 11 1
ThomasXRosie Chapter 1
At a high school on a small island called Sodor lived a young girl named Rosie
She was 14 years old and was friends with another girl named Molly and an extremely popular girl named Emily.
Rosie always seemed to be troubled with getting boys to notice her, until…
Rosie and Emily were waiting for Molly at the fountain.
A tall blonde girl came running towards them, it was Molly and she had a huge grin on her face.
“Guess what?” she cried. “I got a date with Murdoch!”
“The Captain of the football team?” Cried Emily
“Yeah! He’s so sexy!”
“Here he comes” cried Rosie
Murdoch was a large muscular teenager; he was wearing his team sports jacket as he went by. He winked and grinned at the girls as he went by.
Molly sighed dreamily and looked as she was on the verge of drifting into daydreams, which was typically Molly
Rosie rose her fingers and snapped them in Molly’s face
“Earth to Molly” Said Rosie Impatiently
:iconwhodude99456:Whodude99456 15 3
The Great Race
The Great Race

Lucky was in the midst of training hard one night in the fields. Cadpig watched on yawning a bit sleepy. "Lucky we've been at this for hours. We need sleep." She complained, beside her was Rolly sound asleep and snoring.

"No way, the big race is tomorrow and I want to be in top shape to whip Tripod and knock him out of the top ten cadet rankings." Lucky came to a stop and panted, he had been training all night, he and Cadpig head back to the barn but not before waking Rolly up and then heading back for some rest.

Morning came soon as the pups began their brigade classes, soon it was time for the race."Ready to lose as usual Luckless?" Tripod asked Lucky.

"Not this time Tripod" Lucky told his step brother. "Matter of fact I feel lucky today" he said with a confident grin.

"That a fact huh?" Tripod asked. A smile formed on his muzzle "Hows about we make this interesting, a bet on the race." He told Lucky

"You mean gambling? If Pug caught us gambling he'd have both ou
:icontwotonedearly:TwoToneDearly 12 11
Rosie is a small, young and VERY cute tank engine
She arrived on Sodor in 2006 to help on Thomas’ Branch line
But her reason to come to Sodor was destiny
Ever since she met Thomas on that wet, rainy day; she had an obvious crush on Thomas.
The other engines made fun of both young engines, especially Thomas.
One day, Thomas was bashing trucks in the yards with his best friend; Percy.
Rosie was arriving in the yards.
The instant Thomas saw her, he panicked.
“Uh oh!” he said and quickly coupled some trucks in front of himself and behind himself and hid among a large crowd of boxcars.
“Please be quiet until she leaves the yards” he said to the trucks
But every wise engine knows you cannot trust trucks and all of a sudden…
Rosie blushed with some much red that her freckles nearly disappeared when he heard the trucks singing
Thomas went red with embarrassment and anger and quickly rushed out
:iconwhodude99456:Whodude99456 22 9
Emily has been on the island of Sodor for a year now (Ed: It is set in season 8)
The other engines somehow felt attracted to her since she arrived; Especially Thomas
One evening, Thomas was arriving at the station by the beach. Percy was there.
“Look Thomas!” squeaked Percy “Emily’s coming!”
Thomas looked up and saw a beautiful green engine puffing towards him and Percy
Thomas thought Emily looked even more beautiful in the light of the sunset
Emily passed through the station.
“Hullo, My wee dears!” she whistled
“Evening…Emily” said Thomas with his mouth wide open in astonishment at the green beauty that just passed him.
Annie and Clarabel giggled. “It looks like somebody’s in love…” they giggled
Emily arrived at the carriage sheds for the night
Thomas arrived and shunted Annie and Clarabel into the sheds,
Thomas immediately went red when he saw Emily
Annie and Clarabel knew how he felt
“Hello Emily” he sai
:iconwhodude99456:Whodude99456 42 22




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